Invisible — is something we do not notice. Someone,who has dissolved in the environment, who has no face, just a background, environment,ambience.  Just the noise of the city and its inhabitants. How does it feel about this?


The invisible is something we do not notice.Just the noise of the city and

its inhabitants. Just a background, environment.

The collection created with RFID materials — blocking signals (Translucent shielding fabric completely blocks GSM, 3G, LTE,

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth signals of mobile phones).


In these clothes, you are literally invisible.


RFID materials in cuffs — block phones, notebook, gadgets, electronic watches, fitness trackers. 






Is it uniform?


Is it a game with meanings

and hepralinks like Balenciaga?

A stylistic?



No, this is a reflection on our time.


Clothing as an art.

And for an artist it is important to be relevant, and to talk about actual things, but not to be a newsmaker (every dilettante has released a collection of face masks in 2020).

Form is always branding. Doctor / policeman / businessman / DJ - we understand the social role before meeting a person.

But very often, the form makes people just a background for our life, a part of the urban environment

No name no face.