Fragments of Memories.

Project collaboration with Victor Khomenko.
Musical artist Ksenia Lushnikova.


The project "Fragments of Memories" is a captivating journey into a virtual world where the protagonist faces the threat of the destruction of this virtual reality due to the loss of memories. To preserve the integrity of this world, the player must collect fragments of memories scattered in different areas. Each fragment collected reveals a small extract of the past of the protagonist and his relationship with the real world. The items the player collects have no intrinsic value. They are quite ordinary and typical, often representing abstractions difficult to materialize: perfumes, palettes colors, lighting, textures and other subtle details. The player constantly puts updates his collection of memories, losing the old ones as he goes along. It creates a feeling
unique time and memory, where past and present intertwine in virtual reality, and
each fragment collected becomes a small piece of the mosaic that reveals a greater
picture of the protagonist's story.

Every morning we wake up with an empty mind and begin to fill ourselves with everything that surrounds us: the first sounds, smells, thoughts. Throughout the day, we let's fill with new impressions, ideas and emotions. We have feelings
complex that is difficult to describe in words. Sometimes we don't understand what
we feel, and our thoughts feel like a huge tangle. So we let's stop and get rid of the superfluous. And then we look again for new impressions. It's a game - visualizing our constant inner updating and our emotional hunger. Abstract shapes allow the work to be interpreted in different ways. There overconsumption and excessive accumulation, loss of objects dear to you, memories of travels, memorable moments of the past. The game leaves space for reflection, where everyone can find their own interpretation.