Collection_2020 PITTI UOMO

Functionalism Basic & customization.

Modernism, functionalism,

is a perfect utopia.But!


Artists, architects, and designers were fighting with beauty throughout the twentieth century.


As a result, functionality, cheapness and simplicity of production won.

But the ideas of modernism were not realized either in architecture or in manufacture, neither in printing industry nor in design.


The clothing collection consists

of 3 main components:

1. Principal form

2. Adjusting and deformation

3. Digital space (the picture on the clothing can be modified with the help of the app)


Clothing is not a sculpture in static that we look at from the only angle.

Clothing is a kinetic model, and it should depend and change because of the person, lighting, environment, and general mood. 

+ In our time when we spend most of our lives on the Internet, clothing can be an extension of the digital world.

Digital art
is the new fashion

Posh space is the first digital fashion store, aiming at revolutionizing the fashion industry by incorporating digital art into our clothing and accessories. The platform allows digital artworks to be conveyed onto physical wear via built-in (or sewn-in) digital displays. At the same time artists are able to market their digital artworks as unique digitalized prints on screen-based clothes and accessories.

If you want to change your look, you no longer need to go to the store to buy new clothes. Instead, you can now instantly choose a new design for your clothes and accessories through your smartphone with the first blockchain-powered digital fashion store in the world.


Digital artists create unique digital fashion artworks, upload it to the posh_space marketplace, set the price and editions;


Fashion and jewelry brands sell screen-based clothing and accessories which are connected to posh_space mobile app via Bluetooth


People buy screen-based accessories

and clothing from their favorite brands, download posh_space mobile app, connect them and get access to a huge library of unique and/or limited digital fashion artwork made

by famous artists and brands.

Interactive LED_16x16px.

Changing images in the app. 

Interactive animation.


The main idea is transformation,

deformation and variability

Custom pack

Each set is unique 
+ LED_16x16


Art Direction/Design: Andy Artyukhin,

Design: Viktoria Artyukhina,

Development-engineering: Leonid Motorin,

Photographer: Evgeniy Loginov, Alex Sulima,

Application: Posh.Space