Working with space in all three dimensions: the space of meanings. Description – the name of the work, at the same time its essence, and it's a component element, does the word contain the essence of things or is it a contract of the parties? Two–dimensional space is our three–dimensional vision presented on a plane - a scan of a 3-dimensional model embodied in two-dimensional printing

on silk. Three-dimensional space is a 3D model printed on a 3D printer. The work is a demonstration and research, but can be created under an individual request.

The NFT itself is a collection, the sum of all media and media, each of them it is a fixation on reality, but each has its own limitations and does not fully describe it.

Initially, the search process was more important than the final result when creating a collection. The deconstruction of form has led to the study

of ways of describing and deconstructing meanings.

The process of exploring the form through different mediums shows that each of the variants is a self-sufficient work of art but at the same time does not fully describe reality.


Contains a reference to the work "One and Three Chairs" by Joseph Kosuth.

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#1. Product design.
Form deformation and deconstruction.

Experiment with shaping.

#2. Collection creation.
Basic things: skirt, shirt, scarf — the basis experiment with a form. The colors are based on the classic black and white.

#3. Model scanning.
Recreating their images in a 3D environment.

#4. Photoshoot created using multi-exposure. Deformation of the image and form.

#5. Creation of UV unwrapping, based on 3D scanning of models. The 3D form becomes a flat image.

#6.3D printing. The form went through several levels of refraction and scurried around, became an object of the real world. Each buyer of an NFT token will receive a 3D printed sculpture 15 cm high.

#7. Silk canvases are created on the basis of UV unwrapping. Multi-level refraction of the form and the object again becomes part of the real world. Each buyer of an NFT token will receive a silk canvas 145x145 cm in size.

#8. Creation of a product based on UV unwrapping. Metomodern. The model used is the same.

#9. Works in NFT on

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